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Who are we?
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RSES Chesapeake Chapter is here to provide training opportunities for Technicians in the HVACR industry on a local level. The following is a message from the RSES International Organization:
For 75 years, RSES has offered educational and certification programs to HVACR professionals of all experience levels. As the leading provider of educational meetings, seminars and workshops, RSES also provides technical examination programs and training courses for service professionals working on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems across the nation.


RSES members work in a wide variety of HVACR-related jobs. Air conditioning, refrigeration, warm-air heating and ventilation are four of the more obvious sectors in which RSES members perform their trade. But RSES also has members who represent the piping, ice machine, hydronic heating, energy management, building automation, sheet-metal fabrication and indoor air quality service markets.


RSES’ website is designed to provide members with the information they need to better serve their customers, while also explaining to the consumers why an RSES-trained technician is better equipped to service their HVACR systems.  The website is instrumental in showing the value of RSES membership to HVACR service professionals and those seeking a new career in the industry.


Please take a look around and get to know the RSES organization. For members, be sure to take advantage of the RSES resources sections to learn about training opportunities, and to find other information that can be vital for your job. For other visitors, discover how RSES is making sure that your HVACR service technicians are the best in the business!




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